Shallow Minded back in the shelter

IMG_0771Shallow Minded is back under the shelter.  The survey went well.  I had three deficiencies noted.  First, one set of wire nuts had not been replaced with crimp connectors.  Second, the AC plug did not have a shut off.  Third, the 2000 watt inverter was housed in the battery compartment.  I have address all three of these complaints.  The survey with my response to deficiencies has been forwarded to the insurance company.  I just received the insurance binder.   As of August one, Shallow Minded is covered for $100K liability and $825K accidental spill liability.   $131 a year is a small price to pay for peace of mind!

AC Cutoff and GFCI receptical
AC Cutoff and GFI receptacle installation

I am now starting to load tools and supplies for the trip.

Oil change pump

WEST MARINE Manual Oil Changer – 2.9 Quart

Model # 11097714
I got this and placed a filter, 2 quarts of oil and the dipstick oil pump in a bin in the aft lazarette along with a quart of 90 weight lower unit oil with pump and adapter.  I will have to change the oil along the way so need to be ready.
Outdrive antifouling
Out Drive anti-fouling

The lower unit was upbraided wiped with Interlux 202 and painted with this.

IMG_0774An ultra efficient turbo fan was added just above the aft cabin berth.

This is a tedious stage of getting ready but once I am off I must be ready to live “out there.”

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