Landlocked but The Dream is Still Alive

DCIM100GOPROGOPR0098.Shallow Minded galley as seen with my Gopro.

Yes, it was pretty shabby.  The fit and finish I would characterize as “early chainsaw.”

My mission: to rebuild the sink cabinet with an acceptable quality of finish and solid construction.  So that’s what I’m up to this winter.

Meanwhile, readers have to be wondering what happened to my mad dash off to work.  Well, it just didn’t work out for me.  I’m back in the retirement lane. The money would have been nice but freedom is worth more to me.

IMG_1210The first order of business after ripping everything out was to neatly install the plumbing.  I found all the right fittings to go 1/2 inch quick fit all the way through the accumulator tank.  From then on, it’s 1/4 inch FIP through the filter and to the faucet.  Sadly, the cold weather has made efforts slow to a crawl this winter

IMG_1220I used 3/4 inch “UV-1” birch finished on one side.  The face frame is built with select pine pocket joined and glued.  The doors are simple overlay slab doors with 1/8 inch reveal cut into rounded casing.


IMG_1223Slowly I am getting the varnish work done and allowing them to dry on the kitchen counter.

IMG_1222The counter top is cut for the sink opening.  I retained the familiar L shape as the handy drawer under the L.  Formica will be installed later and the holes for the faucet and yet-to-be-bought propane stove will be cut after the Formica is installed.  A few warm days would see this project to completion.

Another installment of retirement income wouldn’t hurt anything either.



Meanwhile, Karen has retired and is working PRN at the hospital and for the election commission in Gwinnett County.  We plan to begin our serious boat travel in a couple of years.  In the mean time we will spend our spring vacation split between Crystal River and the Cedar Key Boat meet.  In the fall we plan to spend a couple of weeks at St. Andrews Park in Panama City, sailing and exploring based in the RV.

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    1. Yes, on her trailer by the house. Hoping for a longer trip down the Gulf coast this fall after the worst of hurricane season.

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