Hatch adjusters


I love these hatch adjusters from Duckworks.  You can buy them here. The only caveat is that they are all facing one way.  Just take out the small screws and reverse one so the handles will face in.



I labored long and hard over this decision.  I felt I needed a way to call for help and also to communicate when out of site of land and outside of VHF range.    This fine unit will sent 160 characters of text to any phone or even face book as well as send an interactive SOS to a professional rescue operation center.  Because it uses Iridium satellites instead of Globelstar its coverage is world-wide.  I can even post my locations to Facebook!

I have started buying the food supplies for the voyage.  Looks like I’ll be able to carry staples for 3 months with stops for fresh stuff every 1-2 weeks for a nice variety.

With the two extra Jerry cans I will have 38 gallons of water.  Fuel will be 36 gallons for around a 280 range.  When we do the Tenn-Tom we will need at least a 240 mile range to make it between fuel stops.

We’re down to the nit-picky stuff now.  Luckily I have plenty of time yet to finish.

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