Drilling a hole below the water line…what?

IMG_1437Why would I?  Well, a saltwater pump for rinsing dishes and anchor chains could be a great addition.  Using saltwater in the galley can save a lot of precious tank water.  We’ll be in rivers a lot so that’s even better–a fresh water rinse!


The Merlon through hull is one inch thick so I drilled an inch and-one-quarter hole.  Then I backed the hole on the inside with Tyvek tape.  I painted the margin of the hole with epoxy.  I then packed the hole with thickened epoxy and quickly taped over it with Tyvek tape.  Turned out pretty nice I think.

IMG_1439Here is the Merlon fitting bedded with Dupont 5200.




IMG_1441Here’s the mounted Merlon valve. I will continue when I get the strainer. for the pump.

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