Dinghy Dilemma


I had my heart set on using Swift as my tow-behind dinghy.  She is a beautiful boat but a very large, cumbersome and very heavy boat.  The more I tried to get even her sections up on Shallow Minded, the more frustrated I became.  I just couldn’t seem to figure out how to get her to the launch site, let alone deploy and manage her.

I hope I won’t be judged too harshly for succumbing to the inflatable urge.  This boat, a Saturn 8′ 6″ dinghy with inflatable keel and floor seemed the best compromise.  At just under 80 lbs it is far more doable.  I can deflate and stow it below.  Notice I said “it” when referring to this dinghy. It is not a her because it is so utilitarian that “it” will sport numbers and a Georgia sticker with no name.

Alas, an inflatable is actually what I need.  I am more interested in enjoying Shallow Minded than I am in accommodating another personality in the form of a wooden dinghy.


I’m sure this keel will help the boat track much better.


There is also a lot of rear buoyancy which will support me and my 6 hp motor with 3 gallon gas tank for nice forays up rivers creeks and around the everglades and keys.  I don’t plan on leaving the dingy out for long periods in the sun or towing it for long distances.  My 12 volt high speed inflater/delfater will make quick work of putting it to bed and waking it up.

I also plan to take my inflatable Innova Sunny for more intimate paddling and for quick runs to shore for exploration.  If I need to carry the bike to shore, it’s out with the Saturn.

If anyone wants a really nice 11 foot Spindrift dinghy ready to convert to sail, Swift is for sale at the cost of the paint I have into her.

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