Hatch adjusters


I love these hatch adjusters from Duckworks.  You can buy them here. The only caveat is that they are all facing one way.  Just take out the small screws and reverse one so the handles will face in.



I labored long and hard over this decision.  I felt I needed a way to call for help and also to communicate when out of site of land and outside of VHF range.    This fine unit will sent 160 characters of text to any phone or even face book as well as send an interactive SOS to a professional rescue operation center.  Because it uses Iridium satellites instead of Globelstar its coverage is world-wide.  I can even post my locations to Facebook!

I have started buying the food supplies for the voyage.  Looks like I’ll be able to carry staples for 3 months with stops for fresh stuff every 1-2 weeks for a nice variety.

With the two extra Jerry cans I will have 38 gallons of water.  Fuel will be 36 gallons for around a 280 range.  When we do the Tenn-Tom we will need at least a 240 mile range to make it between fuel stops.

We’re down to the nit-picky stuff now.  Luckily I have plenty of time yet to finish.

Shallow Minded back in the shelter

IMG_0771Shallow Minded is back under the shelter.  The survey went well.  I had three deficiencies noted.  First, one set of wire nuts had not been replaced with crimp connectors.  Second, the AC plug did not have a shut off.  Third, the 2000 watt inverter was housed in the battery compartment.  I have address all three of these complaints.  The survey with my response to deficiencies has been forwarded to the insurance company.  I just received the insurance binder.   As of August one, Shallow Minded is covered for $100K liability and $825K accidental spill liability.   $131 a year is a small price to pay for peace of mind!

AC Cutoff and GFCI receptical
AC Cutoff and GFI receptacle installation

I am now starting to load tools and supplies for the trip.

Oil change pump

WEST MARINE Manual Oil Changer – 2.9 Quart

Model # 11097714
I got this and placed a filter, 2 quarts of oil and the dipstick oil pump in a bin in the aft lazarette along with a quart of 90 weight lower unit oil with pump and adapter.  I will have to change the oil along the way so need to be ready.
Outdrive antifouling
Out Drive anti-fouling

The lower unit was upbraided wiped with Interlux 202 and painted with this.

IMG_0774An ultra efficient turbo fan was added just above the aft cabin berth.

This is a tedious stage of getting ready but once I am off I must be ready to live “out there.”

The New Shallow Sailing

For years I have hosted the site Seapearlboats.org which highlighted my travels and work on Belle, my SeaPearl 28 trailer-able sailing cat-ketch.

Getting Shallow Minded ready for the fall trip

Last year I had a chance to buy a Phillip Bolger AS-29 sharpie live aboard cruiser.  It was located on the hard in Hampstead, North Carolina, a long way from my home in Stone Mountain, Georgia.  I made several trips to North Carolina to work on her in the yard.  The people were very nice and accommodating to my needs. However, the distance was killing me both traveling and trying to carry enough tools and live while there.

So after contemplating my options I decided to have a trailer built by Sail Trailers, located in Columbus, Georgia.  Sail Trailers

Shallow Minded's new trailer

Shallow Minded’s new trailer

The focus for this blog will be the care for and adventures of Shallow Minded.  I will include items that are sailing related at times.  Since I don’t have time to keep up with more than one blog I will at times discuss my work on boats and adventures and work on my other boats which at this time includes SM’s tender, Swift IMG_0580

as well as my SeaPearl 21, Ipearl.IMG_1168

You can read more about Sea Pearl sailboats at my other blog: SeaPearl boats

I will assume the reader is interested in small boat adventures and boat upkeep tips, tricks and upgrades.

Having thus introduced this blog, I would like to refer the reader to my other current blog on Shallow Minded.  Eventually this site will be merged and reside under one domain.  For now, I don’t have time to go back and capture the story of Shallow Minded from the beginning.  Here is my companion site: Please click here for my other blog.

This fall, I will, (if all goes according to plan) be taking an extended trip down the Gulf Coast of Florida starting in Carrabelle and ending up as far south as the Keys.  The blog will no doubt be most interesting when adventure is afoot.  Stay tuned for the final preparations.  This should be fun!

If you can, go out in a boat, any boat and have a great summer.  Thanks for letting me share.